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At Digiwork, we believe that culture and tourism have the power to bring people together and create meaningful connections. Unlock the hidden beauty of China, and let the world know your story - with Digiwork.

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Digiwork, with an experience of over 2 decades, is a leading digital marketing and technology company based in China. With a focus on innovation and creativity, DIGIWORK provides comprehensive digital marketing strategies and system services to their customers.

DIGIWORK believes that:

Big data marketing is not just about the ability to buy online media. Not just resources and technology integration capabilities. Not just marketing strategies and creative abilities, especially in the era of mobile internet, It is more than a strategic platform that aim to create new value their customer.

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Digiwork with over 2 decades experience, it’s a leading domestic and international digital marketing agency, specialising in new providing comprehensive integrated media traffic strategies and result-driven marketing solutions for businesses in need. Focused exclusively on cultural and touristic campaigns, our digital marketing company is at the forefront of promoting China's rich heritage and diverse attractions to a global audience. We collaborate with big international influencers, who are warmly welcomed to China, to bring their unique perspectives and engage their followers in authentic cultural experiences.

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